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Chipper Outdoors is my own personal website that I have created for me to share my own experiences and opinions related to backpacking, camping, hiking, paddling and other outdoor related activities.  I am not, nor will I ever, claim to be an expert on these subjects.  Any advice given here should not and can not be taken as expert advise. Instead the information here is provided purely for entertainment purposes.

Often Times in a post based on my own personal opinions and experiences I will link to outside websites that provide additional information. This is for the readers convenience only and I will not be held responsible for the information or content that these outside sites contain.  I do not assume any liability for this information, or the use of this information by anybody.

It is a given, hiking and backpacking can be extreme, and have potential hazards involving risk of injury or even death!  It is the responsibility of the participant in these activities to understand the risks involved, and take the needed precautions.  By participating in these types of activities, you personally assume all of the risks of property damage, personal injury and death, and agree to hold myself and my websites harmless from any liability as a result of your interpretation, or use of, any of the information provided within or linked to from these pages.


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Remember, I have created this site for my own personal use!!  Having said that, if you get anything out of it, that's awesome.  This site is totally free for you.  I am sure that you all know that there are financial costs associated with running and maintaining a website.  I am absolutely not asking for your money!  There are many other ways that you can support this site without paying any money.  My personal favorite is mail or email.  A letter or an email from a reader telling me that they enjoyed an article, or even telling me that they didn't and why, goes a long way. If you would like me to show you a specific piece of gear, or talk to you about something specific, just let me know.  That is what this site is all about, it goes both ways.  My hope is that we can all learn from each other!


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In an effort to recoup some of the costs associated with maintaining this website I may place Google, or other advertisements around the borders, or even inside an article. is a participant in the Ebay Partner Network. is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to  Articles with links to specific pieces of gear or books located on outside websites may or may not be "affiliate links", and as such I could potentially earn commissions from purchases made as a result of clicking them.  I am not an employee of or paid by any of the manufacturers or suppliers to review any of the products that I talk about on these pages.  All of the products that I review or talk about are either purchased by me, borrowed, given to me as a gift or just gear that I would like and plan on purchasing in the future.  If at any time a manufacturer or supplier gives me a product for the purpose of a review I will disclose that, and I will give it a fair and honest review whether good or bad.


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