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So... those that know me know that I always wear a watch!  I am also sort of a technology nerd.  So I tend to be sucked into the need to compulsively buy gadgets that I don't really need.  One of those is the Garmin Fenix 3 watch.http://amzn.to/1V9lNT6  I love this thing.  It essentially is a GPS enabled smart watch.   I got it last fall and since then I have taken it on almost every hike.  I like to record the GPS tracks of my hikes, and since getting the Fenix 3 I have been able to leave my GPSMAP64 at home for that purpose.  I will still bring it if I want to see the maps, but for simply recording the tracks or basic barometric pressure, temperature, elevation, and compass data, I use the watch.



I am also somewhat a data nut and one of my favorite features of the Fenix 3 is that it is a data recorder.  Not only will it record data from its built in sensors such as gps and temperature, but it will also connect to external sensors as well.  One of the onboard sensors that I am not satisfiedwith is the temperature sensor.  Basically it is not accurate, or at least a true representation of the ambient temperature.  The sensor is inside the watch so it is not able to get an accurate measurement of the outside temperature because when it is on my wrist it's reading is affected by my own body heat.  

My first new addition is the Garmin Tempe. http://amzn.to/1XsJ411 


This will get attached to my pack in some way so that my body temperature will have no affect on the temperature recording.

The next piece of gear that was added today is a heart rate monitor.  The Scosche Rhythm+ Armband. http://amzn.to/1V9max0


Scosche Rhythm

This is not going to go on every hike with me, but it will definately help me get in better shape.

As a test, I used them to record the stats from my daily lunchtime leisurely walk.

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As you can see from the picture, I put the temp sensor on a mini biner and hooked that to my zipper pull.  The wrist sensor on the same arm as my watch.  It really is very comfortable.  You almost do not notice that it is there.

Here is the additional data that I got from the Garmin connect app.


With the temperature, you will see that it took a few minutes to come down from my office temperature.  I am not sure what the 82° spike is about.

Heart rate

Time in Zones

And here is the heart rate data.  I will check back with longer activity data next time around.

Stay tuned for a little more data in upcoming trip reports, and as always please feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comment box below.


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